Our Goal

“To remain in control of our destiny we have to be as close to the customers as possible: its means a lot of responsibilities & liabilities on shoulder when somebody feels the same by his own.

TS Fashions trust it by heart and determined to keep going through it ever after. Always kept as eyes open & provided hard to satisfy our customer an all of the TS Fashions officials are motivated through the above words. We are very much aware that, reliable information on quality materials & production accuracy are essential to produce high quality merchandise. We receive qualitative materials information at regular review meeting with major fabric & accessories suppliers in order to satisfy for our customers. TS Fashions has always demanded consistently high performances from its supplier of fabrics, accessories & finished garments. Only manufacturer who are prepared to meet the highest professional standards qualify for consideration. We trust the “Professionalism is the key of qualification”. The qualification becoming higher on customers demands increase, cost control though the use of production methods incorporating the latest technology, shorter lead times between order and supply. It takes a lot to become a supplier of TS Fashions and it takes just as much to remain one. We welcome suppliers who are with tight discipline and having professionalism. We never compromise on quality.

We are well aware that our success depends just as much as our maintaining and further developing the characteristics designs, source out quality materials, providing attractive price, not to compromise on quality materials, providing attractive price, not to compromise on quality issues, in time shipment & regular contract with our business partner.

We hope you are one of our partners.